This blog is a travel log; a journey of self-discovery and recovery as well as a quest to open doors, hearts and minds. I am building on my heritage as a 4th generation Methodist Minister yet still passionate about the role of the church in the world today. Most of my ministry has been spent working alongside so many people who have suffered the frustration and humiliation of apartheid. In Cape Town’s inner city I learned to engage those urban voices of need – listen, understand, challenge and be challenged.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Morning Mark,
    Pat and I are settling down in Portsmouth having moved from Mansfield in the Midlands …. We are now staying in a (sheltered housing) flat …. which is 40 min. away from our daughter Kathryn, she is still caring in Winchester …. My granddaughter, her husband and great granddaughter has returned to SA ….
    Pats health has not been so good lately but I’m fit and well (they will have to beat me to death with a stick) I still wear my shorts as long as the weather permits and go for long walks
    Hoping to hear from you

    • Every time I visit Rosebank Methodist Church I make enquiries about Donovan Slabber. Your ghost continues to haunt the place. So glad to see you are wearing shorts. You must certainly turn heads in the middle of winter. Mandy told me that the “Pickers” descended on Rosebank in their droves for last weekend’s “Jumbo White Elephant Experiment”. They buy cheaply and then re-sell at the Milnerton lagoon. Talk about redistribution of wealth! Hugs to Pat.

  2. Mark, please contact me via email at thezimbo@gmail.com or on my mobile (USA: +1 917 678 1809). You married me 5 years ago at Bloemendal (the windiest wedding of your life) and I have an urgent issue requiring assistance. Please contact me as soon as possible or let me know how I can get in contact with you.

    Shaun Evans

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